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Wallpaper and wall coverings, for sale at Decor Fabrics & Design in Rochester, NY

Decorating with wallpaper is a great way to add texture, color, and a touch of your personality to a room. Choose bold prints that radiate your adventurous side. Or opt for classic colors combined with unique textures to show off your softer side. No matter what your style, covering your walls can create a pleasing visual impact.

Our decorating professionals are here to guide you through the available options and present you with unique ideas. The designers at Decor Fabrics & Design are trained to help you showcase the details you love about your home. 

Popular Wallpaper Patterns

Decorating trends change and the designers at Decor Fabrics & Design are here to show you ways to incorporate the different wall covering styles into your home. Classic patterns like stripes and florals complement your traditional or country farmhouse decor.

For a playful, trendy effect, we have bold colors and patterns to complete a modern theme or to add character to a room with industrial decor. 

Geometric Wallpaper, for sale at Decor Fabrics & Design in Rochester, NY
Striped Wallpaper, for sale at Decor Fabrics & Design in Rochester, NY

Wall-Covering Textures

Want to add a special effect to your decor without introducing extra colors or patterns that can feel too busy? Consider a textured wallpaper! Textured coverings, such as the classic, textured Grasscloth, provide a subtle way to add depth to the room when sticking with soft, muted hues.

Textured wall coverings may have a single texture or a blend of smooth and rough areas that are strategically placed to emphasize the design. 

Ways To Add Dark Wall Colors In A Room

When you have a well-lit room or a large space to decorate, it's easy to introduce dark wall coverings. In a room that has an abundance of natural light, adding a wall covering with a dark base and a colorful pattern adds dramatic beauty to most decor.

Another way to incorporate a dark, patterned wallpaper is to pull out the lightest shade in the pattern and paint an accent wall. The accent wall provides contrast to the dark wallpaper, really allowing it to pop.



Bring Out The Light Elements In A Room

When you have a room that's small or tends to be dark, there are some easy techniques to brighten it up. Incorporating light-colored wallcoverings helps to create the illusion of a bit more energy and space.

Light wall coverings also help reflect the illumination from light fixtures, making the room seem brighter.

Choose A Design Element To Emphasize

When you're choosing a wall covering, look around the room and pick an element of the decor to make the focal point, such as the pattern of a beautiful rug. Pick one or two of the colors or textures you see in that piece and look for a wall covering that highlight those features.

This step of choosing wall coverings emphasizes why it's so important to see the samples in your home and have an in-home consultation. 

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