Upholstery To Transform Your Furniture

Re-Upholstery Services, offered by Decor Fabrics & Design in Rochester, NY

When you want to update the appearance of your furniture, the upholstery service from Decor Fabrics & Design is here to help. We repair furniture with minor structural damage, and we also recover furniture that simply needs to be modernized with a fresh fabric or leather covering. 

Whether you want to change every design element in a room or you want to sink into plush, new upholstery without giving up your favorite sofa, reupholstered seating is a way to get the effect you want. 

Benefits Of Having Furniture Reupholstered

Furniture shows wear over time, but the team at Decor Fabrics & Design have the skill to make it look like new. Furniture may become damaged from heavy use, or it may become outdated when interior decor styles change over time. 

Parts of your seating may also break down, such as the padding. When that happens, our professional upholsterers have the talent and high-quality materials to restore comfort to your plush seating.

Furniture Repair

Structural damage to furniture, such as a wobbly frame, webbing, or springs, may seem like the end of your favorite chair. However, our upholsterers are trained in making these types of repairs. It's also possible for furniture to have structural damage you don't know about.

Furniture Revival, offered by Decor Fabrics & Design in Rochester, NY

If we're working on your furniture and find internal damage, we can replace damaged parts and make sure your furniture is sturdy and reliable before returning it to you. 

Modernizing Old Furniture With New Upholstery

New colors, fibers, and fabric styles come out each season, and you may find the upholstery fabric you loved five years ago doesn't fit your decor goals today. That's easily fixed. Say goodbye to the things you don't love about your favorite seating and enjoy the advantages of an updated fabric by having your furniture reupholstered. 

Having new upholstery fitted onto your furniture is a way to keep the seating you love while enjoying the latest trends. 

Matching New Furniture Coverings To Your Decor

Texture and color are two important things to consider when choosing a fabric that complements your decor. If there's already an abundance of texture in the room, you may want a smooth fabric, such as leather, for your seating. Textured fabrics, such as microfiber or velvet, add a bit of suppleness that's pleasing to the touch and adds an elegant or dramatic visual appeal. 

Fabric colors and patterns are also available to complement your existing decor. We'll help you choose between fabric options that compliment design elements or hues in your home to create a pleasing atmosphere. 

Our Professional Team

The professional team at Decor Fabrics & Design works with you throughout the entire process of designing your home interior. We do this whether you're looking for window treatments that match your seating, looking for a rug that matches your drapery, or hunting the perfect fabric to have your sofa reupholstered. 

Our reupholstery services are available for all types of furniture, and we're poised to help you create the decor you want with the furniture you already own. 

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