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Quality Home Trimmings in Rochester, NY

Thanks to housing booms, entire neighborhoods sometimes seem to spring up overnight. These communities often feature just a handful of models, making it likely you’ll move into a space that looks just like your neighbors. Whether you want to customize a new buy to fit your personal aesthetic or redesign your existing home, you may get the results you need by investing in the right home trimmings, courtesy of Decor Fabrics & Design. 

What Are Home Trimmings? 

Just like people “trim” their Christmas trees with twinkly lights, bits of ribbon, tinsel, and colorful ornaments, you can trim your home using materials that are more about style than structure. 

Trim options can include bigger, more permanent things, such as baseboards, crown molding, and wainscoting. What many people don’t realize is that home trimmings also include soft accents, such as cords, tapes, fringe, tassels, embellishments, and so much more — and that’s what home trimmings at Decor Fabrics & Design are all about! 

How Home Trimmings Can Enhance Your Project 

In short, home trimmings infuse your house with warmth, style, and charm. The colors and fabrics you choose create a custom effect that’s unlike anyone else’s design. While there are sometimes practical reasons for these pretty frills — covering upholstery tacks, for instance — that doesn’t mean they can’t also spice up your space. 

  • Give throw pillows a new lease on life by adding some braided trim
  • Use flat, smooth tape trim to create a border on your custom slipcovers
  • Reinforce the seams on vintage cushions by adding piping or welting
  • Use multicolored cord on the upholstery to help bring together multiple colors or themes
  • Add texture or glitz and glam to your room with tassel trim on custom window treatments 

The right trim can do anything, from creating visual detail to providing a transition that brings harmony to seemingly clashing fabrics. Even minimalist motifs can benefit from trim — imagine the impact one pom-pom trimmed pillow would have in an otherwise neutral living room. 

Our Brand-Name Trimmings

Quality results require quality products, which is why we source trimmings from the very best brands in the industry. Our catalog includes but is not limited to offerings from: 

  • Europatex
  • Classical Elements
  • Stout
  • Fabricut
  • Trend
  • Kravet 

By working with a diverse array of suppliers, we can deliver a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and prices. You may rest assured that we will have something to suit your personal tastes. 

Working with Decor Fabrics & Design 

Being locally owned and operated gives us a special connection to the Rochester, NY, community. For years, we’ve served as a one-stop-shop for customers eager to update their homes using the best options on the market. With Decor Fabrics & Design, you benefit from fun and friendly staff that can help you with every phase of your project, from consultation to fabrication and installation.

With so many decisions to make and your home on the line, choosing the right trim to complete a home renovation project can be daunting, but not with our experts. By working with one company from start to finish, you drastically cut down on confusion and communication lags that can stall or even derail your project. Plus, there’s a lot less for you to organize and oversee, and that means less stress and more time to enjoy the experience.

Schedule Your Consultation 

If your home is crying out for an update, trust your surroundings to people who know just what to do every step of the way. At Decor Fabrics & Design, our incredible team is proud to offer design advice, professional measuring, and skilled installation to help you achieve the home of your dreams. Whether you need help deciding on the perfect drapery trim or want to help mastermind your entire design, we’ll guide you through every step as you put it all together. To schedule a free in-home consultation, call us at (585) 385-3832 or contact us online.

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